Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If you're looking for Chris Brown new album, you'll find it here. However, do not hurry to leave our site. You have a chance to win an Apple Ipod or a Microsoft Zune, and Chris Brown's music will always be with you. All you have to do is to tell us if you're a Chris Brown's fan or not.
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Chris Brown and Rihanna "Taking a Break"
Meanwhile, Brown has remained in Los Angeles. Sources tell E! that the "Kiss Kiss" singer has spent the entire time working on his album, most recently at ...

Is Rihanna redoing 'The Bodyguard'? Shades of Whitney Houston!
But don't look for Ne-Yo's credits on the new album. "Ne-yo's been talking about Ri and Chris, which has really hurt her feelings," says the Daily News ...

Jordin Sparks Dishes About New Album And Chris Brown
Sparks also addressed the recent news surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna. She teamed up with Brown on the hit song "No Air," but says she doesn't know him ...

Survey: Half of Boston teens blame Rihanna for Chris Brown beating
A new survey on Chris Brown-Rihanna indicates the lesson bears repeating Nearly half of Boston-area teenagers say Rihanna was responsible for pop star Chris ...

Notable/Quotable: Columbus Short On Chris Brown and Rihanna's ...
Grammy Award-nominated singer Montell Jordan returns to the music scene with his new studio album 'Let It Rain.' The new project reflects a more grown and ...

Chris Brown and Rihanna "Taking a Break"
It's no coincidence that Rihanna and Chris Brown are on opposite coasts right now. According to a source close to the couple, they have been "taking a...

No Chris Brown and Rihanna duet
Record company bosses insist Chris Brown has not recorded a new duet with girlfriend Rihanna, who he is accused of assaulting last month,

Quick Hits: Kid Rock, Green Day, Rihanna & Chris Brown, Bob Dylan, Nelly Furtado, Beastie Boys, Rothbury Festival, ...
Kid Rock is in the studio working on his follow-up to 2007's megahit Rock N Roll Jesus. Rock has been working at his Allen Roadhouse studio in the Detroit suburbs with his Twisted Brown Trucker Band , particularly guitarist Marlon Young , Uncle Kracker , longtime engineer Al Sutton and producer/engineer Mike E. Clark . Rock hopes to have the album finished before he hits the road this summer and ...

Chris Brown-Rihanna Duet a Prearrest Project
Chris Brown and Rihanna aren't making new beautiful music together after all. The producer who recently collaborated with the couple on a possible duet for Brown's upcoming album...

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